About The Company

Waycik Productions is a Toronto-based theatre production company, founded by Susan Waycik. The company was formed to create opportunities for artists in theatre, music and comedy through contemporary works that best represent today's emerging artists. The company has produced such shows as "Matt & Ben" (a play by Mindy Kaling & Brenda Withers), and the cabaret "I (heart) Boy Bands". Coming up in March, April & May of 2018, Waycik Productions will present a three-part Cabaret series, called Generation Why?. The series celebrates the music of millennials, and will feature many talented Toronto performers.

Meet The Team


Susan Waycik
(Artistic Director)

Susan Waycik is a producer, performer & director, originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 2015, she graduated from St. Lawrence College’s Music Theatre Performance program, and moved to Toronto. Since graduation, Susan has been completely immersed in the Toronto arts scene, involving herself not only in theatre, but also in comedy and TV/film.
Susan was very eager to thrust herself into the many facets of the entertainment world, and has had the joy of participating in many theatre productions, including: "Hogtown: The Immersive Experience" (The Hogtown Collective) as Assistant Producer/Marketing Manager, "Wheels: A Song Cycle" (Next Stop Productions) as Assistant to the Producer, "Sick Kids Wanna Talk To You" (Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival) as Assistant Director, and "SBM’s Short Play Fest" (Small But Mighty) as Stage Manager. Wanting to experience other areas of the industry, Susan most recently signed on as the Project Coordinator for the comedic web series Beck And Call, and has worked as a casting assistant for both commercial and TV. She has also performed in several cabarets in Toronto, and has even tried her hand at stand-up comedy.
Susan has enjoyed creating Waycik Productions and producing her own theatre since moving to Toronto, and hopes to make a major contribution to the growth of theatre in Canada.


Tai Wong-Clayon
(Music Director - "Generation Why?")

Tai Wong-Clayton is a Toronto based actor and musician originally from Vancouver B.C.  His passion for performance began at a young age, studying music from the age of eight and acting from the age of eleven. He graduated from the St. Lawrence College Musical Theatre Performance program in 2016 and upon graduation, spent 8 months touring Ontario performing theatre for young audiences.

This is the 2nd show Tai has worked on with Waycik Productions and he couldn’t be more thrilled to be back. His first endeavour with the company was back in 2016 when he was the Co-Musical director for "I (Heart) Boy Bands". He is excited to bring the music of our generation to life with "Generation Why?".

In addition to his work with Waycik Productions he continues his own work as a singer-songwriter. He is also in the midst of writing a biographical comedy show based on his life as a bi-racial person. Tai hopes to one day go from Waycik to Lasik to cure his blindness.


Bohdan Onushko
(Assistant Producer - "Generation Why?")


Bohdan is a Toronto based actor, singer, dancer, food and wine lover, and Instagram enthusiast. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Bohdan moved to Ontario to pursue theatre, where he graduated from the St. Lawrence College Music Theatre Performance program. Upon graduation, Bohdan moved to the bustling city of Toronto where he continues to further his acting career.

He is excited to be assistant producing alongside his most trusted confidant for the cabaret series "Generation Why?". Selected credits include: Principle Dancer "Songs for a New World", Bobby "Cabaret" (First Act Productions), UPS Guy/Dance Captain "Legally Blonde" (SLC Stage). He would not be here today without the undying support of family, friends and C. You can see more of Bohdan on all relevant social media @bohdanonushko